Carlos Marks on Audition Records
Who is Carlos Marks? Carlos Marks is a combination of the following humans: Carlos Alegre, Misha Marks, Jacobo Guerrero Elías, Axel Tamayo Rivera.

Carlos Marks was formed in 2009 not long after Misha Marks moved from Wellington, New Zealand to Mexico City.
"I had been playing with Carlos Alegre in the Mexican free-improvisation project Generación Espontánea and he had put me up in his house for my first month in Mexico. After many long evenings in his garden drinking Anis del Mico and listening to music we soon realised that as well as free-improv, musically we had many other things in common. The name suggested itself. We began by transcribing traditional Balkan tunes and some traditional Mexican songs and arranging them loosely for acoustic guitar and violin"... [Read More...]
Carlos Marks live on Código DF
Podcast of interview and live-to-air performance on Radio Código DF, Mexico City. [Read More...]
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